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I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream. ~ Vincent van Gogh



'Frida Project' artwork to be unveiled in Hillsboro

The Frida Art Project was created over the summer during the Tuesday Night Market. Every Tuesday, local artists volunteered their talent to work on ten, 3-foot-by-3-foot panel paintings with a common theme combining landscapes and people of Oregon and Mexico. Each panel began with a stencil of famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The artists were free to use their skills (and feelings) to surround the face of Frida with their interpretation of the project. read more>

Hillsboro’s First Tuesday Art Walk

Last month I had the fantastic opportunity to be a participating artist at the First Tuesday Art Walk on Main Street in Hillsboro, Oregon. I displayed documentary photos I shot of Manaia Coffee House and Island Grill. It was a wonderful community experience and I was grateful for all who attended. It was a casual affair at Manaia Coffee House, along with complimentary food courtesy of Judith Shortt of Phoenix Group Real Estate. read more>

Frida Project Paintings Installed and Celebrated in Hillsboro

The Frida Art Project was held this summer during Tuesday Night Market on the artists’ corner of 3rd Avenue and Main St. in Hillsboro. What folks witnessed was a community building a partnership between Tuesday Night Market and M&M Marketplace. The partnership will be seen through the artwork created by local artists who volunteered their talent every Tuesday evening in the summer painting ten large panels (48” x 48”) with a common theme combining landscapes and people of Oregon and Mexico. . read more>

Project aims to bring cultures together with art

For the last several Tuesday evenings this summer at Hillsboro’s Tuesday Night Market, local artists have been gathering to paint large panels with a common theme — a theme combining the cultural landscapes of both Oregon and Mexico. read more>

Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace

Pictured here is the presentation to Randy Blair and Linda Holland of Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace. Their $3000 award was presented by read more>

3 Songs, 15 Minutes

Influence Music Hall's open mic night draws rookies, seasoned performers together in supportive community. read more>

Private spaces show public art

Two years ago this fall, Forest Grove artist Helvi Smith tooled over to Lake Oswego to deliver some of her artwork for a show at the Lakewood Center. Driving down A Avenue and up State Street, Smith could barely keep her eyes on the road, so agog she was over the variety and amount of the city's public art. "Almost every corner had some sort of statue, sculpture or piece of public art," Smith recalled. read more>

There Must Still Be Time to Create Art, Linda Holland has Time to be Featured at Influence Gallery

The director of Tualatin Valley Artists, the non-profit group of artists who show their art in Influence Gallery is a busy woman, yet she still finds time to paint her watercolors and put together a show for the month of June. Linda Holland, Hillsboro resident for over 20 years will show many of her never-before-seen watercolors at Influence Gallery with a reception on First Tuesday/Artwalk, June 2 at 5:30 p.m. The show ends on July 2. read more>

Influence Gallery will change locations

Evan Acey and Linda Holland greet visitors on the final First Tuesday Artwalk at the original Influence Gallery location in downtown Hillsboro. Influence Gallery, the site of many open-mic Friday events, open forum poetry nights, and an ongoing display of original art by local artists, has moved out of its former space at 231 E. Main St. read more>

Artwork "Influences" Summa space gallery

Five years ago, Influence was a fledgling art gallery with display space in the light-filled front of Evan Acey’s computer repair business on Hillsboro’s downtown Main Street. Now, the Influence Gallery artists, having weathered the ups and downs of running an art space in uncertain economic times, are holding a reunion show right back where they started, in the light-filled space at 231 E. Main Street. read more>

Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace adds live painters, t-shirts with a message

Tuesday night, Hillsboro resident Linda Holland set up her paints next to a bag of water. Standing in the  middle of East Main Street, she dipped her brush in both then set to work on a portrait of her granddaughter. Earlier this year, Tuesday Marketplace Manager Lesley Wise asked artists from downtown's two galleries to paint during the market. The demonstrations, which happen on Southeast Third Avenue and East Main Street, spruce up the end of the market, she said. read more>

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