There Must Still Be Time to Create Art, Linda Holland has Time to be Featured at Influence Gallery

The director of Tualatin Valley Artists, the non-profit group of artists who show their art in Influence Gallery is a busy woman, yet she still finds time to paint her watercolors and put together a show for the month of June.

Linda Holland, Hillsboro resident for over 20 years will show many of her never-before-seen watercolors at Influence Gallery, 131 SE 3rd Avenue with a reception on First Tuesday/Artwalk, June 2 at 5:30 p.m. The show ends on July 2.

Holland finds time for painting between the jobs she has volunteered for that keep her busy. She organized the Tualatin Valley Artists group in 2007 and with the help of some valuable members, has kept it viable for two years although the group has some tough times.

As if that wasn't enough, she volunteered to help find the artists and musicians who fill the participating businesses for Artwalk - that keeps her busy.

Entertainment for the reception will be a five-piece band that plays a retro post-modern, contemporary style of music with a new grass spin called the Dismal Niche Orchestra or DNO, for short.

Jeff Harness, who plays guitar and sings says comedy plays a large role in their show as they are there to entertain. “In this life,” he said, “we all carve out our own dismal niche – part of the soggy Pacific Northwest mind set.” He adds his own bit of philosophy, “Remember, if you tap your feet to the music enough, moss can't grow between your toes.”

Paul Savanac plays the banjo and mandolin in the musical group and Barry Hagan does an amazing job with the tuba and bass. Dr. John Keys brings a multitude of instruments in like the dobra, mandolin, lap steel, and the six and 12 string guitars; Chuck Gilman plays the harmonica and helps Harness with the vocals.

But the star of the show is watercolorist Linda Holland who has been painting for over 30 years. After retiring from her career in publishing, (she owns Holland Graphics, Inc., Portland, now being run by her daughter and son) Holland thought she's take it easy and travel some while dabbling in her true love and pastime, painting. She did that for awhile but soon realized she wasn't using her creative energy.

With all that excess creative energy she went back to her original dream of spending her days showing art in a gallery while painting and talking to anybody that wandered in about art. That dream became a reality with TV Artists and had an added benefit: she got to show other artists' art also. Now her creativity juices began flowing again.

She gained popularity with a series of dragon and baby paintings and then went on to portraitures. Some of her more famous portraits were of Mayor Tom Hughes, the beloved principal of Glencoe High School, the well-known postal carrier of downtown Hillsboro and the owner of Main Street Books. As one of her fans said, “Linda, you've really found your niche.” (Not to be confused with the Dismal Niche Orchestra listed above).

Holland's next creative adventure will be to ask the new Chief of Police of Hillsboro if she will let her do her portrait.

Paintings included several people known in the local music scene since she has made a point to be involved in the Open Mic held every Friday at Influence. She has painted music groups like Couch, the band and Mick Schaefer of the Tree Top Tribe who plays regularly at The Venetian in Hillsboro and Don Haupt of Blues fame.

But throughout the different periods she never gave up her love of flowers. “Painting flowers soothes my soul,” she said. And they are soothing to look at also. There will be a collection of them at the show too.

The reception will be a double celebration. Moving into the new gallery space deserves a Ribbon-Cutting as a member of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce. So if you want to get in on those festivities be sure to come early... by 5:30 p.m.

Who are TV Artists? They are folks, just like you, who saw a way to do something good in our community. Tualatin Valley Artists is an organization of creative people dedicated to improving Hillsboro's quality of life by enhancing its cultural arts. Their vision isn't set by committee but by hearts and souls willing to work together for something they believe in, and they do so in an atmosphere of encouragement and opportunity. For more information about Tualatin Valley Artists call 503-956-5604 or go to

For more information about the artist and the show call Linda Holland, 503-956-5604 or go to For information on the Dismal Niche Orchestra send email to or Google Dismal Niche Orchestra.