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I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream. ~ Vincent van Gogh


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    Do you believe as I do that our community improves every time people are involved with the arts?

    If you are an artist or musician and would like to be connected to a business in the Hillsboro/Forest Grove community, please send an email to me. Linda Holland

    I did some thinking about what I want to do with this next phase of my life so I looked back to what gave me the greatest joy during the last few years. Living in Hillsboro for the past 25 years has brought me in contact with many people in many different circles. What is common to these circles (besides me) is art and music. Often what brought me joy was being able to use my connections to help someone in some small way move along in their chosen area of the arts.

    I wrote a letter of reference for a young man once and when his lawyer opened it he saw the signature and said, "Oh, Linda Holland... I know her...." and didn't have to read any further. My name was enough reference. That made me proud.

    So that is what I want to do more of now. I will compile lists of people I know and when I see an opportunity that one of them can help another I will make the call. And I will help artists get their artwork out to be seen by the people most interested... since that is the hardest thing artists seem able to do. I know a lot of local musicians so I will help them whenever I know of an occasion that needs entertainment. I may be new at this but I am coming at it with the final goal of feeling good that I helped someone.

    Face To Face is the only way this works 

    • If you are an artist or a musician and would like to get on my list when someone needs an artist or musician please contact me.
    • If you have an event coming that you might need entertainment and think I might be able to offer the name of a qualified musician, please contact me. 
    • If you own a business and would like to display artwork on your walls please contact me.

    That's what my lists are all about. Let me know if I can make the connections between artists, musicians, business owners and the community. 

    Featured Artists Reception at Summa Realty
    Featured Artists Reception at Summa Realty Featured Artists Reception at Summa Realty

    Featured Artist at Summa Real Estate Offices

    Artist is chosen to do a solo show for entire month. Requirements include being juried by Linda Holland then providing 15 to 20 medium sized 2D artworks to be hung on the first of the month. Then the artist is to be available for the opening reception to mingle with the guests and answer any questions. During the month the office is open during business hours so the artist is encouraged to invite people to go look at their artwork and bring people in to view. On the pre-arranged date at the end of the month the artist removes their artwork. There is no cost to the artist and no commission on sales.

    At the opening reception live local music entertainment will be provided as well as wine and a wonderful array of hors d’ourvres. Judith Shortt owner of Summa opens up her business and provides the food and wine.
    Hillsboro – Summa RE, 231 E. Main St. | Forest Grove –Summa RE, 2012 Main St.

    Artist of the Week FlyerArtist of the Week ~ Tuesday Marketplace

    Artists are chosen to be artist of the week and are given a booth at the Tuesday Marketplace event which takes place during the summer beginning the second week in June until the last week in August. For more information go to

    The artist is juried by Linda Holland. They are provided with a 10x10 canopy, one table and a chair. Plus a sign with their name and a banner that says “Artist of the Week.” There is no cost to the artist and no commission on sales.

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